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Crackula Goes To Hollywood Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign To Raise Production Funds

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Crackula Goes To Hollywood Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign To Raise Production Funds

Crackula goes To Hollywood is an independent film by creator Freddie Rhone, who has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production / promotion funds. The movie features over fifty actors and focuses on drug addiction and most unusual intervention using the medium combining romance, comedy and a strong message.

Crackula goes To Hollywood is a movie idea from Freddie Rhone, a long-time industry song writer who has now turned to becoming a film producer. The premise of the movie is centered around a one-fanged vampire from Alaska who becomes addicted to crack after drinking the blood of those smoking the drug.  In this thrilling dark comedy, Crackula brings a message about drug use and intervention once bitten you’re “kick the habit”  in a way that will appeal to all viewers.   

“As an independent filmmaker, I wanted to do something that has never been done before, and it was to write, direct, produce and finance my own film as well as edit and compose all original songs for the film score,” said Freddie Rhone. “This was a way to utilize my many years in the entertainment industry as a songwriter turned film producer and scriptwriter.  It took about two years and thousands of hours but through hard work and dedication, Crackula was born.”

Fans believe that Crackula has the potential to be a franchise film like the Sharknado series. The creator has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise production funds. Rhone hopes to raise $80,000 through this campaign to pay for promotions plus initial work on the film including purchasing equipment, editing and hiring actors.  The campaign features pledge levels from $10, at which level donors receive a baseball cap, to $10,000 at which donors receive many perks and the opportunity to have dinner with the producer and cast.

For more information on the various pledge levels and prizes associated with each, see the IndieGoGo page.

About Crackula goes To Hollywood:  

Crackula Goes To Hollywood is an independent film visualized by Freddie Rhone, a Hollywood songwriter who has now turned to script writing and film production.  The film, which is based in both the comedy and horror genres, will send a message about drug use through a user-friendly medium.


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