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Award-winning International Speaker and Entrepreneur Lakeisha McKnight Announces Launch of her New Book

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Award-winning International Speaker and Entrepreneur Lakeisha McKnight Announces Launch of her New Book

Lakeisha has been engaging in speaking events for more than 15 years and has empowered 500,000+ people leaving a lasting positive impact that business professionals crave!

April 6, 2015 – Chesapeake, Virginia, United States – Lakeisha McKnight, better known as the ‘Fighting Speaker’ and winner of more than 40 awards (including a presidential citation from the former president Bill Clinton) is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of her first new book in the series, entitled “WAKE Up! 24 Principles that Revitalize Purpose & Passion Within Women.” This book is a must-read for women from all walks of life who truly want to live fulfilled lives.

According to Lakeisha: “The WAKE Up! Book answers common concerns faced by women who are tired of living an ordinary life; they want to become extraordinary, raising the bar for women globally. Wake Up helps bring women out of the shadows and helps them overcome obstacles so that they can live fulfilled lives.”

Today, most of the women are frustrated at the goals and dreams which they have not accomplished. Some women are unfulfilled because they started towards their dream, but stopped or never got going. Besides this, other factors like fear, anxiety, discouragement, poor time management and disappointment drifted them away from their objective. However, with many known paradigms shifting and changing, the woman of today is desperately looking to succeed in new ways by finding inner fulfillment. Lakeisha through her new book wants to teach something, which no one before has put together. She wants to provide women with a perfect guide that could help them make their dreams come true, and live a fulfilled life. Those who will read the book will feel inspired and motivated, and will have the goal-recipe and effective tips to go after what they most desire.

Lakeisha coaches women globally by way of seminars, conferences, and virtual events. Most recently, she has joined women throughout the world in celebrating women during the month of March, popularly known for celebrating women who are rising stars, and those who paved the way for her success.

For more information, or to get a copy of the book, simply visit:

About The Lead Author: Lakeisha McKnight

Hailing from Chesapeake, VA, Lakeisha McKnight is an award-winning speaker and entrepreneur who charges women to revitalize passions and gifts through the Revitalize Womens Movement, Women of Elevation Career Services International and Message Expansion Partners LLC. She is the mastermind and visionary behind Message Expansion Partners LLC, a woman-owned limited liability company that stands strong on four pillars, namely integrity, humility, being client-centered and servant leadership. She has authored many books including the Amazon #1 Best Selling book entitled, “Professional Speaking: How ANYONE Can Master the ART and BUSINESS of Speaking.” Lakeisha is the senior host of Revitalize the Total Woman, a daily podcast platform that empowers women to receive complete wellness in their personal and professional lives.

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