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Treat Epic Rage with TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK, Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Make Rage Relieving Book a Reality

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Treat Epic Rage with TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK, Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Make Rage Relieving Book a Reality

Happy Go Lucky and Master Rage Ripper Hung Thai, who is otherwise known by his pen name “Zen Thai” has launched a kickstarter campaign for his newest project the TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK. This may be a one of kind self-help book that takes helping oneself out of feelings of anger and rage to a whole new practical level. To make this book a possibility Zen Thai needs to raise $3,000 by Thu, Apr 23 2015.

Zen explains that the idea came from his own way of dealing with negative feelings such as anger, hatred, sadness and the like, he said: “My friends enjoy my happy-go-lucky lifestyle and attitude. They wonder how I’m able to keep that child-like energy even as I grow older. For years I’ve kept it a secret – but no more! It’s simple – I vent daily. I don’t let feelings of anger, hatred, sadness, jealousy, disgust, and whatever else festers inside. I let them go by singing loudly, dancing obnoxiously, and just generally not giving a bleep. I do this so that I could get back to chilling.”

To help others deal with the different feelings that might be bothering them and bringing them down, Zen has created a book that contains pages upon pages of satisfying destruction. Each page of the TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK contains common situations and feelings which Zen believes “just piss the ‘sheet’ out of him” and other people can also relate to these feelings and situations, to get relief from such feelings people can take a page which describes their sentiments most closely from the book and vent out the anger by shredding and ripping the page into shreds.

The book is about feelings therefore Zen has added celebrating accomplishments and remembering all the wonderful things in life as a part of the book as well. Backers who support the project through donations will receive various rewards such as a TERRIBLE TEARABLE postcard. People who back ENRAGED level, their names will added to the “Hall of Triumph” list including an awesome title. LIVID FURIOUSITY level backers will have their own page in the book and their name will be added to the Parthenon of Immortals list. EPIC RAGE backers will receive all rewards including a t-shirt AND a video of Zen ripping something in the backer’s honor.

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About Zen:

Hung Thai or better known as Zen Thai (Pen Name) has written 4 book before TERRIBLE TEARABLE BOOK. He aims to make the world a better place through his work.

For more information, contact Zen Thai at [email protected]


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