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Early Exposure to Alcohol May Increase Drinking Risk Later On, Cautions Chapters Capistrano

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Early Exposure to Alcohol May Increase Drinking Risk Later On, Cautions Chapters Capistrano

Some parents let their children have a sip alcohol under their supervision, but even this monitored drinking may lead to increased drinking as they get older, says Chapters Capistrano

Many parents would rather introduce their children to alcohol themselves than have them experiment on their own. At special events or other occasions, parents may give their children a sip of their drink just to taste or celebrate. But this could be contributing to more harm than good according to a new study. Drug and alcohol rehab center Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding early exposure to alcohol and how parents can be more proactive in preventing underage drinking.

“Parents letting their children taste alcohol when they are young must be cautious about sending the wrong message,” says Mike Shea, founder of Chapters Capistrano in Orange County. “Children may get the impression that it is okay if they have alcohol, especially with their parents. A sip can turn into more without them realizing the difference.”

According to the study, “Children who had sipped alcohol by the sixth grade were about five times more likely to have a full drink by the time they were in high school and four times more likely to binge drink or get drunk,” says a CNN article. Even when removing other factors that could contribute to problem drinking, these children were still more likely to drink in high school the study found.

“Children’s brains and bodies aren’t prepared to handle alcohol in the same way that an adult’s does,” states Shea. “Starting drinking early can contribute to alcohol use disorders later on which may lead to addiction. This can take a serious toll on their health and life.”

Parents should be talking to their children about the dangers of drinking, says Shea. They should be setting a positive example with their own alcohol consumption and reinforcing safe choices. The study revealed that “26 percent of the kids who had sipped alcohol said they had a full drink by the ninth grade versus under 6 percent for the kids who never sipped alcohol.” When it came to more excessive drinking, nine percent had binged or gotten drunk while less than two percent of non-sippers had done the same.

Some parents feel that letting their children sample alcohol under their supervision will help them to have a healthier attitude about alcohol and reduce risk of alcohol misuse later on, but the study highlights how this may not be the case. Even casual drinking can have a negative influence as they get older.

“Parent should be monitoring their own alcohol consumption and seeking treatment if drinking has become a problem,” says Shea. “There are laws and guidelines about drinking to keep people safe, and children should be aware of these. But they should also know that help is available and encouraged if alcohol misuse does occur. Not offering alcohol until youth are of legal drinking age is recommended.” For those who do have an alcohol use disorder and are ready to overcome drinking problems, Chapters Capistrano offers customized treatment plans that fit their needs.


Chapters Capistrano is a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center located in the city of San Clemente in Orange County, Southern California, with two beautiful ocean-view homes. Specializing in all types of substance abuse, Chapters offers flexible treatment programs that are designed to offer greater confidence in addiction recovery. With a thorough approach to detox, counseling and mental health, this center has delivered many success stories. In addition to offering alternative approaches to conventional recovery, Chapters is also recognized for providing guest comfort with exceptional accommodations, private rooms and cell and laptop allowance. Those searching to begin a new “Chapter” in addiction recovery are encouraged to contact the facility today and visit them on Twitter to keep up with current news.

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