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AsianDate Recommends Top 5 Far East Dishes to Boost Romantic Conversation with Asian Matches

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AsianDate Recommends Top 5 Far East Dishes to Boost Romantic Conversation with Asian Matches

AsianDate recommends five delectable Asian dishes that men can share with their lady love during romantic dinners and conversation.

AsianDate, the popular online dating company that helps men find beautiful and gorgeous Asian matches, has recommended 5 delicious exotic Asian dishes that men can share with their favorite lady during romantic dinners and conversation. Tasty cuisine is often a great way to increase the romance levels so sharing favorite dishes with a match is a great way to win their love and interest.

Food and romance have a long time connection. Good food triggers a wide range of emotions and romantic passion is often enhanced by memorable tastes and smells. A well-prepared meal is the best way to reach a woman’s heart, while the reverse is also true for ladies wanting to impress their man. Food can be used by couples to create a common bond and win each other’s hearts (and taste-buds).

Phat Si-io is a dish that comes top of the recipe list when attempting to woo a Thai beauty. This authentic Thai dish is made from noodles spiked with a liberal amount of Phat Si-io, which means cooking in spicy soy sauce. The noodles can be mixed with any type of meat but chicken or beef are the most commonly used.

Zhajiangmian is another Asian dish that’s high on the list of recommendations. It is a popular lip-smacking Chinese preparation made of thick wheat noodles topped with a mixture of ground pork and fermented soybean paste known in Chinese as Zhajiangmian. Men can win the hearts of Chinese women by sharing this sumptuous dish with them.

Peking Duck needs no introduction. Also known as Beijing Roast Duck, this Chinese dish has already attained iconic status globally. Made of a whole duck, honey or sugar, soy sauce, salt and five special spices, this dish is guaranteed to help single men earn the respect of Chinese women, if prepared in the authentic Chinese style. It can make for a luxury romantic feast and is highly regarded in China for special occasions.

Cao Lau is a very popular Vietnamese dish and is prepared for special occasions. It is made up of tasty noodles, greens, smoky pork, croutons and beansprouts. It has a heavenly taste and is a truly satisfying dish that women would love to have on their special date.

Rounding off this list of taste sensations is Hamonado, a Philippine specialty recipe made with pork cooked in pineapple juice. This gorgeous dish is sweet and savory and involves several simple but important stages of preparation. The pork should first be marinated to give it that unique flavor, then seared in the pan before being simmered on a low heat to deepen the flavors.

These 5 mouth-watering recipes are a great way for men to connect with beautiful Asian women whether it’s talking food online, sharing the dishes on a date, or cooking a special meal. Once the subject of food is raised with an Asian lady, it’s sure to get the conversation flowing. Men can also use a great recipe of features and dating tools on AsianDate to connect with stunningly beautiful Asian ladies.

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