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Phillips and Temro Industries Strengthens its Position in Automotive Aftermarket with Zerostart Lit Plug Kits

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Phillips and Temro Industries Strengthens its Position in Automotive Aftermarket with Zerostart Lit Plug Kits

Minneapolis, MN – Phillips and Temro Industries (PTI), a global performance leader in thermal systems solutions for trucking, automotive, oil and gas, off-road and EV/hybrid vehicles, today announced the worldwide release of Zerostart Lit Plug Kits, the only block heaters with a cord that glows when power is reaching the heater.

The Zerostart Lit Plug Kits are specifically designed for popular aftermarket block and cartridge heater kits. The Lit Plug lights up when power reaches the heater harness that is visible from 50 feet for distance monitoring. It also serves as an easy way for individuals to upgrade their existing block heater kits with harnesses specifically optimized for their vehicle.

The Zerostart Lit Plugs bring the engine to operating temperature quicker by cutting warm-up time in half, saving fuel and engine run time.

“As innovators in thermal management systems, we continually strive to make complex challenges simple to manage,” said Ian Vriese, director of North American sales “A Zerostart Lit Plug Kit is a cost effective product for delivering optimum performance under adverse thermal conditions.”

Zerostart Lit Plug Kits Availability

There are seven Zerostart Lit Plug Kits comprised of a block heater or a cartridge heater and a cord. They will be available through PTI aftermarket distributors in June. PTI distributors can place pre-inventory orders throughout April and May by contacting PTI Customer Service at (800) 328-6108 or [email protected]

About Phillips and Temro

Phillips and Temro Industries (PTI) is a global OEM and aftermarket provider of custom engineered thermal systems and solutions. Trucking, automotive, oil and gas and EV/hybrid are just a few of the diverse markets that benefit from PTI’s heating, cooling, and electrification solutions. PTI manages the entire process from concept design, prototyping and testing to delivery with a focus on quality. PTI’s portfolio of technologies is an amalgamation of brands, including ZeroStart, Temro, Artic Fox, Idle Free and TruFlo. 

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