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ZAPABLE App Builder: In-Depth Article & Premium [Fast Traffic Bonus] – By IM Review Expert Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

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ZAPABLE App Builder: In-Depth Article & Premium [Fast Traffic Bonus] – By IM Review Expert Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

Does the Zapable App Builder help ordinary people create valuable, functional apps that can be monetized in a wide variety of ways…including the local and affiliate marketing space?

Hanif Quentino gives an answer to this important question on this review website:

The Zapable app builder aims to simplify the process of app creation, so no development or programming skills are needed. Using a drag’n’drop interface, it removes all the advanced design skills needed in creating a visually appealing app. The following tips can aid Zapable users in building a more useful application:

Make it Clear Where the User Is

Use titles and headings to make it obvious where the user is within your app. If you don’t have the screen real-estate to do this easily, at least show the location title when the user scrolls, then fade it out when they need to be able to read or work.

Keep Text Consistent

Choose a style for your text, and stick to it. Don’t use title case for some titles and all caps for others, and be consistent about things like paragraph indentation.

Good Logos and Icons Matter

Even if you want to do the app design in house, it is important that you get good logo design work done, and buy (or find a good set of Creative Commons) icons for your app. The right set of graphics will make your app look incredibly polished and professional. If there’s one thing you can’t afford to skimp on it’s the first impression that people get of your brand.

Give Visible Feedback While Actions are Being Processed

Make sure that every time the user taps on the screen, scrolls, or tries to use a button, check box, dropdown or other UI element, they get some clear feedback. If something is taking time to process, give them an indication that there is work being done in the background. If you don’t do this then the user will become frustrated and may stop using the app.

Break Information Down into Small Chunks

A lot of apps provide access to information that is best conveyed in list form. Think about how you want to display this information. Endlessly scrolling lists can be frustrating. Is there a good way to break up the information or make the list searchable? If the list includes multiple levels of information, how can you drill through the list in the smoothest way, with minimal loading times and minimal frustration? Plan this carefully so that the user does not get frustrated or confused.

Get The User Into The App Quickly

Do not ask for huge amounts of information from the user on the first screen. If you need to get them to sign up for an account to use the app, make the form one screen in length, and no more. If you need information to configure the app, ask for the bare minimum of information, and flesh out the details later.

Engage The User Before You Ask for Feedback

A lot of app developers solicit reviews from their users almost immediately after installation. While they might get a few high ratings from people tapping quickly to get past those annoying screens, they probably lose a lot of prospective loyal users through their pushy tactics. It is OK to solicit reviews, but wait until the user has had the app installed for a while and has opened it several times.

Hanif Quentino’s complete Zapable review can be found here:

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