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April 01, 2015 – Speaking of the Native American tradition, the cradleboard has been around for the last few centuries. However, in the last few years it has faced an extinction threat due to its diminishing use in many states of US. Thanks to an American citizen from Oneida in Wisconsin, the tradition is slowly coming back into the lives of the American citizens. He and his wife have been teaching people – the beautiful art of the cradleboard since the year 2008. This includes instructions on constructing one, and its benefits and history.

Limon and his wife Rachel recently partnered with the Native American community clinic NACC, to offer cradleboard classes to its patients. They expect to see,close to 4300 patients served on an annual basis by NACC, and wish to see them learn about this interesting craft. The classes are scheduled to run until June 2015. Limon’s cradleboard project has made quite an impact in various states to date. Most of its funding has come from the Minnesota State Arts Board. An immense support has also come from his Kickstarter campaign that achieved more than 45 backers and approximately over $1300 in pledges out of its target $10000, within a few days of launching the project. You can now be one of the first few people to save this centuries-old tradition from extinction, by backing the “Cradleboard Classes” project on

Douglas has been making cradleboards and teaching this art for a few years now. He has learnt this art from one Judy Pump,many years back while attending an art festival. The good thing about the craft, he says is that it is easily transferable. Upon perfecting this skill, one can teach this skill to other people. He has since inspired a lot of people who wished to use and construct cradleboards, to do so, because he can transfer the necessary skills to people in achieving this goal. Limon has won a couple of awards from his craft. He still has the cradleboard he made for his son back in 2008, now under exhibition in a museum in Minnesota until 2018. He has also had to deal with negative comments from critics who feel that this art is outdated and regressive. But he has been able to dispel these myths through his detailed research and explanations. He has also been able emphasize the importance of keeping an ancient and well-respected tradition alive.

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