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January 27
10:31 2015
Making It Easier And Simple For Buyers and Sellers to Communicate

Lafayette, Louisiana – Jan 26, 2015 – is changing the way boat buyers and sellers interact with one another. They are offering a new and improved way that will bring them closer together. Not only do they want to make buying and selling boats easier, also wants to provide relief and support to those in need around the world. To accomplish this goal, they created an IndieGoGo campaign to assist them in improving their website and fund a strong marketing campaign.

In America, over 3,000 boats go unsold and abandoned every year. The reason for that staggering amount is because sellers cannot market their boat to the right buyers. Instead, they are drowned out by overpriced boat selling websites with complicated purchasing processes on sites covered in ridiculous Ads. is here to make buying and selling a boat easier and more effective to satisfy the needs of both parties. They hope to repair the boat market in America.

However, the purpose of does not stop there. A portion of the company’s profits will go towards the Haitian Boat Relief Fund. In 2010, almost 5,000 vessels were lost or destroyed in the Earthquake/Tsunami. Many civilians relied heavily on these boats for transportation, work, and even as shelter. Every donation made will help restore the livelihood of boat owners and citizens in Haiti. The plan is to help Haiti become a striving city again to make it better than before the natural disaster happened. is a place where sellers can list their boats without high-costs and buyers can have a user-friendly place to make shopping comfortable and easy. Funds from the campaign will go towards improving the website to make it simple to use for sellers and buyers. This allows more boats to be bought from sellers and more sellers walking away stress-free, which makes it a win-win situation for everyone. A portion of the campaign contribution will go towards their strategic marketing campaign that will effectively promote the site to target markets.

With everyone’s help Haiti can be restored to a flourishing economy again. The civilians living there have a purpose again. A fisherman who lost their boat can go back to work. A family can have water transportation again. With boats costing as little as $50 in Haiti, it will not take much to make this happen. The campaign is set to end on March 13th, 2015 and the goal of $12,000 must be met by then. If they do not receive funding, it could take years before this incredible solution can be brought to the market.

To show appreciation for the support, is offering many great perks like their exclusive premium fishing shirt, cool custom car decal, and a personal acknowledgement in their press release.

Make a contribution today at their IndieGoGo campaign.

For those who cannot make a donation, they can still help by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter – @YoBoatMarket


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