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Weight Loss/Weight Management (Obesity) Market Anticipates Impressive Growth Trajectory Through 2032 – DelveInsight | Novo Nordisk, Orexigen, Currax, Pfizer, Empros Pharma, Vivus, Eli Lilly

November 10
01:20 2023
Weight Loss/Weight Management (Obesity) Market Anticipates Impressive Growth Trajectory Through 2032 - DelveInsight | Novo Nordisk, Orexigen, Currax, Pfizer, Empros Pharma, Vivus, Eli Lilly
Delveinsight Business Research LLP
As per DelveInsight, the Weight Loss/Weight Management (Obesity) Market size was found to be USD 1,052 million in 2021 which is expected to grow by 2032. The Obesity Market is set to register immense growth in the coming years owing to an increase in upcoming novel treatment options, the increasing prevalence, and increasing global healthcare investment and funding.

DelveInsight’s “Weight Loss/Weight Management (Obesity) Market Insights, Epidemiology, and Market Forecast 2032” report delivers an in-depth understanding of the disease, historical and forecasted epidemiology, as well as the Weight Loss/Weight Management market size, share, trends, and growth opportunities in the seven major markets (7MM) (i.e., the United States, EU4 (Germany, Spain, Italy, France), the United Kingdom and Japan).

The report covers emerging Weight Loss/Weight Management drugs, current treatment practices, market share of individual therapies, and current & forecasted market size from 2019 to 2032. It also evaluates the current Weight Loss/Weight Management treatment practice/algorithm, key drivers & barriers impacting the market growth, and unmet medical needs to curate the best of the opportunities and assess the underlying potential of the market. 

Weight Loss/Weight Management (Obesity): An Overview

Obesity is recognized as a chronic or noncommunicable disease, which is a complex, multifactorial phenotype, affecting, along with overweight, primarily associated with excess adiposity, or body fatness which can manifest metabolically and not just with respect to the size of the body. Due to the psychological and social stigma associated with being overweight and obese, those affected are also vulnerable to discrimination in their personal and work lives, low self-esteem, and depression. Childhood obesity results in the same comorbidities as obesity, with premature onset or with a greater likelihood in adulthood.

Obesity results from an interaction between an individual’s genetic predisposition to weight gain and environmental influences. The severe forms and the majority of the early-onset monogenic forms of obesity have aroused from gene mutations in the leptin-melanocortin axis, particularly LEPR encoding for the leptin receptor, POMC (pro-opiomelanocortin), MC4R (melanocortin-4 receptor), NTRK2 (tropomyosin receptor kinase B receptor), and SIM1 (single-minded 1 transcription factor).

Despite huge efforts in the treatment, existing treatment options still face many challenges, such as side effects associated with the medications, the high cost of therapies, patient adherence, healthcare burden, the additional cost of complications arising from comorbidities, and many more. To overcome the challenges, more companies are shifting their focus on the upcoming therapeutic pipeline of obesity. A couple of treatment options are being evaluated for treating patients suffering from Obesity.

Weight Loss/Weight Management Market Key Facts

  • According to the WHO European Region (2022), overweight and obesity affect almost 60% of adults. The WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative shows that nearly one in three school-aged children are overweight or obese.

  • The total Obesity market size in the United States accounted for USD 847 million in 2021.

  • In EU5, the total Obesity market size was USD 185 million in 2021.

  • In Japan, the total market size of obesity was USD 21 million in 2021.

  • In the year 2021, the total prevalent cases of obesity in adults (>19 years) were 182.22 Million (M), and in children (5–19 years) was 7.85 million in the 7MM, which is expected to grow during the study period, i.e., 2019–2032.

  • Several companies across the globe are thoroughly working toward the development of new drug therapies for Obesity management. Some of the leading pharma and biotech companies in the market include Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and Company, MedImmune, Boehringer Ingelheim, Raziel Therapeutics, Altimmune, Saniona, YSOPIA Bioscience, Innovent Biologics, Glaceum, Shionogi, Aardvark Therapeutics, NuSirt Biopharma, Novartis, CSPC Baike (Shandong) Biopharmaceutical, Jiangsu HengRui Medicine, Carmot Therapeutics, Pfizer, Sciwind Biosciences, Empros Pharma, and others.

Weight Loss/Weight Management Market

The market outlook section of the report helps to build a detailed comprehension of the historical, current, and forecasted market size by analyzing the impact of current and emerging Weight Loss/Weight Management pipeline therapies. It also thoroughly assesses the Weight Loss/Weight Management market drivers & barriers, unmet needs, and emerging technologies set to impact the market dynamics.

The report gives complete details of the market trend for each marketed Weight Loss/Weight Management drug and mid & late-stage pipeline therapies by evaluating their impact based on the annual cost of therapy, their Mechanism of Action (MOA), Route of Administration (ROA), molecule types, competition with other therapies, brand value, and their impact on the market.

Weight Loss/Weight Management Epidemiology Assessment 

The epidemiology section provides insights into the historical, current, and forecasted Weight Loss/Weight Management epidemiology trends in the seven major countries (7MM) from 2019 to 2032. It helps to recognize the causes of current and forecasted Weight Loss/Weight Management epidemiology trends by exploring numerous studies and research. The epidemiology section also provides a detailed analysis of diagnosed and prevalent patient pools, future trends, and views of key opinion leaders. 

The Report Covers the Weight Loss/Weight Management Epidemiology, Segmented as –

  • Total Prevalent Cases of Obesity 

  • Total Obesity Patients Seeking Help 

  • Total Treated Cases of Obesity 

Weight Loss/Weight Management Drugs Uptake and Pipeline Development Activities

The drug uptake section focuses on the uptake rate of potential drugs recently launched in the Weight Loss/Weight Management market or expected to be launched during the study period. The analysis covers the Weight Loss/Weight Management market uptake by drugs, patient uptake by therapies, and sales of each drug. Moreover, the therapeutics assessment section helps understand the market dynamics by drug sales, the most rapid drug uptake, and the reasons behind the maximal use of particular drugs. Additionally, it compares the Weight Loss/Weight Management drugs based on their sale and market share.

The report also covers the Weight Loss/Weight Management pipeline development activities. It provides valuable insights about different therapeutic candidates in various stages and the key Weight Loss/Weight Management companies involved in developing targeted therapeutics. It also analyzes recent developments such as collaborations, acquisitions, mergers, licensing patent details, and other information for emerging therapies.

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Weight Loss/Weight Management Therapeutics Analysis

There are more effective medications, procedures and evidence-based treatment available for obesity today than 20 years ago, but health care professionals are still struggling to get treatment to more people. Obesity treatment in general is very challenging, in part because it’s often not covered by payers. Up until 2003, Medicare had an explicit policy that said you could not consider obesity as a disease or a health condition. It was considered a cosmetic issue; it was explicitly excluded from any kind of Medicare treatment.

Therefore, patients without coverage are left with the choice of paying out of pocket for a lower-cost generic anti-obesity medication; taking a medication primarily intended for treating other medical conditions such as diabetes or seizures that may also help with weight loss; or, if their BMI and health status is severe enough to satisfy insurance requirements, they may opt for bariatric surgery, a much more widely covered insurance benefit.

Approved treatments for obesity – particularly pharmacotherapy – mostly remain underutilized. The reasons underlying the low uptake of medical therapy for obesity are complex, ranging from practical issues of insurance coverage and cost to concerns about safety and efficacy, as well as continued disease-related stigma, even among providers. The weight-loss medications that are approved by the US FDA include, CONTRAVE (naltrexone-bupropion), SAXENDA (liraglutide), XENICAL (orlistat), QSYMIA (phentermine-topiramate), WEGOVY (semaglutide), and IMCIVREE (setmelanotide). As obesity is not an immediately life-threatening disease, these drugs are required to be safe. Anti-obesity drugs that have been developed so far have limited efficacies and considerable adverse effects affecting tolerability and safety.

Weight Loss/Weight Management Companies Actively Working in the Therapeutics Market Include

180 Life Sciences, 9 meters, Aardvark Therapeutics, Adocia, Agentix, AgeX Therapeutics, Altimmune, Amgen, Antag Therapeutics, Aphaia Pharma, Aptorum Group, AstraZeneca, Betagenon AB, BioRestorative, BioRestorative Therapies, Boehringer Ingelheim, Braasch Biotech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bukwang Pharmaceutical, Caliway Biopharmaceutics Co Ltd, Can Fite Biopharma, Carmot Therapeutics, Carmot Therapeutics, Inc., Cellivery Therapeutics Inc, CinFina, CinFina Pharma, Clayton Biotech, Click Therapeutics, CohBar, Corbus Pharma, CSPC Baike (Shandong) Biopharmaceutical, D&D Pharmatech, D&D Pharmatech Co Ltd, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, DiscoveryBiomed Inc, Dong-A ST, Dongkook Pharmaceuticals, Eccogene, Elevian, Eli Lilly and Company, Empros Pharma, Enterin Inc., EraCal Therapeutics AG, ERX Pharmaceuticals, ERX Pharmaceuticals, Eternygen GmbH, Eurofarma, Gannex Pharma, Glaceum, Gmax Biopharm, GPER G-1 Development Group, LLC, ,Gubra Therapeutics, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Hanmi Pharmaceuticals, Innovent Biologics, Jenrin Discovery, Ji MakScientific, Nano Precision Medical, NeonMind Biosciences, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, NuSirt Biopharma, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory Inc, Paige Biopharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Pfizer, Preveceutical Medical Inc, Pylum Biosciences, Raziel Therapeutics, Reata Pharmaceuticals, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Reviva Pharmaceuticals, Rivus Pharmaceuticals, RosVivo Therapeutics, Saniona, SciSparc Ltd., Sciwind Biosciences, SCOHIA PHARMA, Shionogi, SHIONOGI & Co., Ltd., Sigrid Therapeutics, SJT Molecular Research SL, Structure Therapeutics, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Techfields Pharma, Terns Pharmaceuticals, Tonix Pharmaceuticals, UGISense AG, Versanis Bio, Viking Therapeutics, YSOPIA Bioscience, Yuhan, Zealand Pharma, and many others. 

Emerging and Marketed Weight Loss/Weight Management Therapies Covered in the Report Include:

  • CagriSema (NNC-0174-0833): Novo Nordisk

  • CONTRAVE (naltrexon/bupropion): Orexigen Therapeutics/Currax

  • CT-868: Carmot Therapeutics

  • Danuglipron (PF-06882961) Pfizer

  • DD01: D&D Pharmatech

  • EMP16: Empros Pharma

  • ERX-1000: ERX Pharmaceuticals

  • IMCIVREE (setmelanotide): Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

  • Oral semaglutide: Novo Nordisk

  • QSYMIA (phentermine/topiramate): Vivus/ IEH Biopharma

  • RZL-012: Raziel Therapeutics

  • SAXENDA (liraglutide): Novo Nordisk

  • Tesomet: Saniona

  • Tirzepatide: Eli and Lilly Company

  • WEGOVY (semaglutide): Novo Nordisk

  • Xenical (orlistat): Hoffmann-La Roche/H2 Pharma

  • ZP 8396: Zealand Pharma

And many more

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Table of Content (TOC)

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary 

3. Weight Loss/Weight Management Competitive Intelligence Analysis

4. Weight Loss/Weight Management Market Overview at a Glance

5. Weight Loss/Weight Management Disease Background and Overview

6. Weight Loss/Weight Management Patient Journey

7. Weight Loss/Weight Management Patient Population and Epidemiology Trends (In the US, EU5, and Japan)

8. Weight Loss/Weight Management Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices

9. Weight Loss/Weight Management Unmet Needs

10. Key Endpoints of Weight Loss/Weight Management Treatment

11. Weight Loss/Weight Management Marketed Therapies

12. Weight Loss/Weight Management Emerging Drugs and Latest Therapeutic Advances

13. Weight Loss/Weight Management Seven Major Market Analysis

14. Attribute Analysis

15. Weight Loss/Weight Management Market Outlook (In US, EU5, and Japan)

16. Weight Loss/Weight Management Companies Active in the Market

17. Weight Loss/Weight Management Access and Reimbursement Overview

18. KOL Views on the Weight Loss/Weight Management Market

19. Weight Loss/Weight Management Market Drivers

20. Weight Loss/Weight Management Market Barriers

21. Appendix

22. DelveInsight Capabilities

23. Disclaimer

*The Table of Contents (TOC) is not exhaustive; the final content may vary. Refer to the sample report for the complete table of contents.

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