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Make One’s Own TANGY Silk Scented Sachet

May 31
05:36 2023
On May 17th, students and teachers from Ecole Jeannine Manuel visited Maison Liangzi for a sustainable fashion tour.

On May 17th, students and teachers from Ecole Jeannine Manuel visited Maison Liangzi for a sustainable fashion tour. The students not only experienced traditional Chinese handicrafts and sustainable fashion, but also created handmade heart-shaped scented sachet made of TANGY Silk that express their love for Chinese culture and concern for ecological and environmental protection.

Since launched on the Left Bank in Paris in 2019, Maison Liangzi has become an important window for promoting Chinese traditional culture and TANGY sustainable fashion. Over the past four years, Maison Liangzi has met friends from around the world who also love ecological environment protection, coming from different fields, but share a common passion for traditional Chinese culture and support for sustainable fashion.

Under the guidance of Liangzi, the students used the spare clothes and TANGY Silk fabric to make heart-shaped sachets. This was also a craft that Liangzi’s mother taught her when she was a child. They were enthusiastic and attentive to the design, even though it was their first time to handle needlework. The students’ wholehearted dedication and interesting design turned the spare fabric into creative artworks, combining traditional handicraft with modern fashion and experiencing the charm of Chinese culture.

Their love and support for TANGY sustainable fashion and Chinese traditional culture made the event more meaningful. What they brought home was not only the handmade sachets but also more interest and enthusiasm in learning Chinese culture and language.

Wearing a scented sachet is one of the traditional customs during the Dragon Boat Festival. During the festival, people wear scented sachets to repel insects and deodorize, symbolizing the pursuit of good luck and peace. The TANGY Silk Heart-shaped Scented Sachet contains the precious aromatic plant – Lysimachia foenum-graecum, which not only has medicinal properties such as repelling insects and preventing mildew but -also has a unique aroma. It is the exclusive natural anti-moth protection product for TANGY Silk clothing. Advocating sustainable fashion, TANGY began using and promoting this traditional Chinese natural camphor protection for clothing more than 20 years ago.

At the end of the event, Liang Zi and the teachers and students of EJM greeted everyone in advance of the Dragon Boat Festival.

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