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Mauldin Physical Therapy Offers More Through an Innovative Healthcare Experience for Pain-Free Movements and a Fuller Life

December 06
13:06 2022
Myomuv Physical Therapy offers world-class movement therapy to rid people of pain and regain previous performance levels. Its physical therapy sessions are custom developed for measurable, timely progress with the desired end goal in mind.

According to announcements released by Myomuv Physical Therapy – Mauldin SC and Bryan Keith, this Mauldin physical therapy center uses a comprehensive system blending physical therapy and performance training to create customized programs to restore function by addressing the basic cause of pain and restricted movements.

The initial session at Myomuv Physical Therapy focuses on understanding a client’s strength, movement, and functionality-related issues. The therapy center strives beyond just the pain and restricted movements that clients want to be addressed. It assesses a client head to toe to gain an appreciation of how a body moves and works. The therapist at this center, certified in functional dry needling, functional movement screen, and strength and training therapy, does the best possible to get clients back to the activities they enjoy doing.

The Myofit sessions include specific movements to provide the client with a foundation for various movements under all situations. Through Myofit, the physical therapy expert at this center builds a client’s capabilities in movements such as hinge, squat, push, pull, or lunge. Clients train their bodies to generate explosive force that has real-world applications.

The MyoPerform training system is an individualized offering that prioritizes individual objectives and sport-specific movements to improve performance on the pitch or the field. Clients can see a positive difference in their abilities by undergoing this training that incorporates movement variability, specificity, and intelligent training.

Myomuv Physical Therapy provides comprehensive care for conditions such as hip impingement, knee pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, and sciatica. The treatments can cure or mitigate conditions, enabling the clients to avoid surgery.

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Bryan Keith of Myomuv Physical Therapy said, “Myomuv specializes in providing relief to those dealing with stiff, achy, and painful hips, and we would love the opportunity to help those wanting to regain their freedom of movement without surgeries, injections, or wasting time with ineffective treatments.

We have over 4,500 square feet of space in a weight room/training environment to optimize your rehab and get you back to your sport/activity with 100% confidence. Our ACL program has proven to decrease re-injury and return you to the above pre-injury performance! Regardless of the exact diagnosis, we look globally to find the actual cause of your knee pain.

Often, pain is just the messenger, and we want to uncover anything that may be limiting you, resulting in pain. We have helped countless others get their healthy knees back. The shoulder region is very complex, but simplifying the treatment of shoulder pain can be simple. We find the root cause of your pain as we adapt to keep you moving.

The thoracic spine, shoulder blade, rotator cuff, and rib cage. Let us worry about the complexity. We keep it simple for you. No more pain! Maybe you work a desk job and have headaches associated with your neck pain. You’ve been told it’s all posture related and sitting is bad. You have no idea what to do? We have good news for you. Living without neck pain is possible with our help.”

About the Company:

Myomuv Physical Therapy – Mauldin SC adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach to address client movement and performance issues. It has helped people overcome pain and accompanying limitations without painkillers. The therapy center stays at the cutting edge of developments in biomechanics, strength, and functional movements to impart to clients the best possible service.

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