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Introducing the Feel-Good Book of the Season, ‘The Invisible Billionaire: Second Chances, A Christmas Miracle Hollywood Style’ – A Rags to Riches Story of Hope, Redemption & Promise

December 21
01:45 2018

Boulder, CO – Co-authors E.R. Haas and Kent C. Madson, are pleased to announce the launch of their most recent book: The Invisible Billionaire: Second Chances; A Christmas Miracle Hollywood Style. Just in time for the holidays, this fast-easy read will give you a wonderful new perspective on the meaning of Christmas, Second Chances and New Beginnings. The full 96-page eBook is available free of charge through the holidays.

Haas and Madson are founders of ThinkTQ, Inc., the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products exclusively focused on personal and professional excellence. Having written numerous books between them on the topic of the intentional pursuit of excellence, a fictional story about a Christmas miracle — especially set on Skid Row in Hollywood where the cracks between the sidewalks are filled with homeless living in tents and cardboard boxes — is not the type of storyline one would expect from experts in the business of scientifically measuring and improving human potential.

But according to Haas, this story has been a part of their thinking for many years — it is the hope we all have… to go from rags to riches and live happily ever after.

But rarely does this happen. And without being given a second chance, most of us would never achieve the success we deserve.

“Tommy Quinn is the hero of the tale,” Haas explains. “His story is timeless, and one that could apply to anyone with a dream who believes they’ve made all the wrong choices in life. But when we make peace with the past, and move from failure to fearless, life is full of possibilities and potentialities.”

Written as the foundation for a Hollywood movie script, the story describes how Tommy, who leads a wonderful life and is married to a beautiful movie star, becomes seduced by a life of fast money, hot women, and drugs. As the reader finds him freezing on Christmas Eve, determined to commit suicide to end it all, he is given a true second chance to start over. The ending of the story has a dramatic twist and reveals how anyone, regardless of their circumstances can have a second chance at a life they will love.

“Everyone is worthy of a second chance,” says Haas. “Our book was written with the express purpose of giving you hope for a better future. This is as much your story as Tommy’s, and through his struggles you will find the inspiration you need to rise above your circumstances.”

Invisible Billionaire: Second Chances First Edition is unquestionable destined to become a Christmas classic much like Miracle on 34th street, Wonderful Life or Scrooged. An entertaining yet thought-provoking and life-changing read, it can be downloaded for free at

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