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Tattoo Removal Process Revealed by New Radiance Cosmetic Center, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

December 20
23:40 2018

New Radiance

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – December 20, 2018 – The renowned cosmetic and laser center addresses the commonly asked question surrounding how the laser tattoo removal process works to effectively and efficiently remove tattoos.

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With laser tattoo removal clinics reportedly growing by almost four hundred percent in the past ten years, many people wonder how the laser tattoo removal treatment works. New Radiance Cosmetic Center in Palm Beach Gardens aims to answer the question as part of their goal of providing accurate, trustworthy and relevant information to patients considering the procedure.

When an individual receives a tattoo, a tattoo artist uses a particular machine to inject ink particles deep down into the dermal layer of this skin. This is the deepest layer of the skin and depositing the ink into this layer allows the tattoo to become suspended, causing it to be somewhat “permanent”, fading only slightly over time. A little-known tattoo removal fact is that each color of tattoo ink has a different kind of density, causing the tattoo ink to sit or “suspend” in different layers of the skin. For example, black is the densest ink, so it resides in the deepest layer of skin. During a laser tattoo removal treatment, the light energy from the laser breaks up the large ink particles into multiple smaller fragments. The body’s immune system, specifically the white blood cells, identify these small particles as foreign matter and begins removing them from the body gradually fading the tattoo over the course of treatments. New Radiance Cosmetic Center states that different light wavelengths from different lasers are required to target specific ink colors and that a series of laser treatments are required to make the ink particles more manageable for the body to be able to flush out over time.

New Radiance Cosmetic Center is the area’s premier location for tattoo removal in Palm Beach. The Cosmetic Center focusing not only on removing tattoos but a wide variety of cosmetic laser and body beautifying procedures as well. Having such a varied menu of service enables the Cosmetic Center the ability to provide patients with the highest quality services and staff. New Radiance prioritizes patient comfort and safety and states that their goal is to satisfy their patients with a laser tattoo removal treatment that transforms their skin.

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